Boredom Busters

Stuck in the house!

You and your dog are going stir crazy waiting until the end of this pandemic!

Let us help with some great ideas to help your dog live his best life, and allow you and your family a creative outlet! When you sign up below you will get our most popular e-book with a whole month worth of ideas!

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    "...Keeping his mind and body active and allowing him the confidence he gets from being able to communicate with his humans has really reduced much of his negative behavior...


    Virginia Beach, VA

    The benefit:

    A dog who is not restless, following you around constantly, or getting into things.

    We know you have enough on your plate, your dog doesn't have to be another stressor!

    What is all the hype about?

    Literally one activity a day can change the way you and your dog interact with each other. Let our Boredom Busters plan give your dog the opportunity to be a dog, in a way that is acceptable for you and your family.

    With just a little bit of planning, you can create a plan for your dog that totally changes your world. This down time is great for creating new habits. Let this one be benefital for you and your dog!